The Custom Cannabis Packaging Blog

When it comes to custom cannabis packaging it can be overwhelming to determine where to start and what the right fit for your branding may be. However, that is why we started this business and this blog. To offer help to those just getting started to fine tuning a coordinating line for an established brand. Navigating your way through this world can be overwhelming and we are here to help! We pride ourselves on customer service and building long term partnerships for years to come. Our main goal is to help you Brand Your Grow and Grow Your Brand!

Custom Ceramic Cell Vape Carts

Custom CCell Vape Carts

Customize your vape cart tips or glass with color and branding! Stuck on black, white, or clear tip CCELL vape carts? Still buying into the hype of the CCELL brand? Boy have they done an amazing job with branding and confused a wide array of growers and consumers alike. But when you go shopping for

Custom Vape Tips – Keep your oils locked in! Custom Vape Cartridges – Arbor press vaporizer carts!

Press tip carts have grown to be a popular method of capping vape carts in large scale vape cartridge production. They help save time and ensure quality control. Whether distillate vape carts or CBD vape carts, these will sure to keep your oils locked in with it lock top feature after being pressed on. Enterprise

How Should my Company Package it’s Cannabis?

This is actually a multipronged question with a multipronged answer. The correct way to package your products will differ from company to company. The best answer, “Is packaging that coincides with your brands identity and product quality.” Now you might still be saying what the hell does that mean? Let me explain. The old Lamborghini

Custom Mylar Bag Packaging Video

Custom Mylar Bag Packaging

Custom Mylar Bags in a variety of styles! Foil, Spot UV, Clear windows. There are plenty of unique options whether you need customize child resistant exit bags, or standard ziplock barrier bags, we have got you covered!

Cannabis Cans and Canning

Whether you call them a tuna can, weed can, Cali tin, press tin, sausage can, Sterno can, you have surely seen cannabis inside a can by now. If you have not? Maybe it is time to broaden your horizons. Some people love the concept and some hate it. But there is one thing we can

Custom Mylar Bags – Direct Printed Mylar vs Labeled Mylar Bags

We get asked a lot of questions about Custom Mylar Bags and the process of producing them. There tends to be quite a bit of confusion on direct printed mylar bags vs blank mylar bags that have been labeled with a sticker. While those in the know might see stark contrasts, some still wonder why

Vape Cartridges – Price vs. Quality

When it comes to the world of vape cartridges the notion of “you get what you pay for” could not be more true. But this is not only for the vape cartridge world. If you were doing work on your home would you chose the one contractor that is a third of the price of

Fail to Prepare? Prepare to Fail!

You would be surprised how more often than not, some of the best producers in this industry fall short on branding. Sure there are the top brands that are recognizable and the fanboys will be all over. But how about when you get something really really good but are not able to determine the producer?